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This memorial website was created in memory of a remarkable woman, Theresa Marie Schindler.

Terri was born in Pennsylvania on December 03, 1963 to Robert and Mary Schindler and passed away in Pinellas Park, Florida on March 31, 2005 at the age of 41. 

Terri is the sister of Suzanne Vitadamo and Bobby Schindler,who together with their parents,fought day and night for 15 years to help save their sister Terri's life.

Terri,hidden away from the world for 5 years by her estranged husband Michael Schiavo, touched more lives in her 41 years than many do in an entire lifetime.
Michael denied Terri therapy, preventing her progress after her brain injury. Even though he denied her therapy, Terri still found her own natural skills to smile and communicate with her family.

From March 18,2005 until March 31,2005,Michael Schiavo inflicted the worse kind of inhumane death on Terri that we, as a civilized society, could possibly imagine. 
Michael deprived Terri of any food or water.

Despite Terri not given any water or food, Terri fought hard for 14 days to show her family how much she had wanted to live. However, on March 31, 2005, at
9:05 AM ET, Terri's deprived and weakened body could
no longer fight. 

Terri is free from harm now and is in the hands of God.
Forever, Terri will remain in our hearts.

In summary, words from Mary Schindler:
4/22/2005  3:00 PM ET
"My heart aches over the loss of my daughter. She was a part of my daily life for the last 41 years. She would have been residing in our home with us for the last fifteen years had she been allowed. She was, and will always be my baby. I will never forget her. I miss her terribly. The pain and distress she was in during her final days because of what they did to her will never leave my mind. Bob has a difficult time sleeping at night. The last we were told was that Michael cremated Terri. This week, our attorneys told us she is still here in Florida. Michael will not tell us where, or what he will do with her and this breaks my heart. As her Mother, I want my daughter to be buried where our family may visit her gravesite. Our only relief right now comes in knowing they can bring no more harm to her. We know that she is safe and in the protected hands of God."  

Terri's Memorial Website will remain on line forever.
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with others and remember to light a candle for her. Terri's Memorial Website is dedicated to Terri and her family by Cheryl Ford RN at and the many wonderful friends who fought for Terri's life. 

Update: August 29, 2009 : It is with great sadness that we learn on August 29, 2009, Terri's Dad, Robert S. Schindler Jr. passed away of heart failure at the age of 71 years old.

Dearest Bob.. you will never be forgotten. Many join hands in prayers for you and Terri as you embrace in heaven as father and daughter.

Additional Information:

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Additional Information:
Click on "Audio" tab above to hear songs on Terri's "LIFE" CD. Songs were written for Terri by musician and songwriter Wayne Galley. Purchase of LIFE CD helps to support Terri's foundation and can be purchased for only $15 plus shipping and handling at:

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Additional Information:
First Formal Memorial and Mass for Terri was Held:
Tuesday April 5, 2005 at 7:00 PM ET
Most Holy Name Of Jesus Church
5800 15th Avenue South
Gulfport, Florida 33707
Approximately 1100 people attended Terri's Mass.
Many had to sit outside of the church on folding chairs.
Bobby spoke about his sister and how she had received the Purple Heart. The Purple Heart was sent to Terri by a Vietnam Veteran who said that Terri was a true hero. 

        "Where there is life, there is hope" 
          ~Theresa Marie Schindler ~

Tributes and Condolences
Thinking of you still, Terri!   / Colette Campellone (friend from elementary school )
On this 4th anniversary, the memory of Terri, her family, her faith, strength and determination still remain with me. All those who fought so hard on behalf of Terri and her family remain close in thought and prayer.  We must keep speaking ...  Continue >>
prayers are with you   / Marsha Furman (passrby)
My sweet Grandma is 92 years old and has had Alzheimers now for almost 10 years. She needs to be feed most of the time. She can feed herself sometimes. She needs to be reminded to drink water, liquids as to she can't really speak for herself to go ge...  Continue >>
REV. 21:4   / J. Chandler
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away
always side with life!   / Wise Won (citizen and frd )
Its a Sad Day when our doctors and judges want to pretend they are God, its Even a sadder day when a judge assist in the murder of a lovely young person who's injuries where suspect and the vary key person trying to put her to her death.What i saw in...  Continue >>
You Are Missed....   / Angel Kania (Friend)
Teri you are in the hands of God.... We ( the  children of God) will see you very  soon! God Bless You,  Teri and God Bless your  Parents.... God sees all! Love is the  answer.... Forgive! Lord Help us Forgive! Amen!
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Her legacy
Theresa Marie Schindler  
Terri has touched the lives of millions of people throughout the entire world.  For a woman who was unable to speak or permitted to appear publicly for more than a third of her short life, she had the most profound effect on people all over the world. She has opened the eyes of the world bringing awareness to the importance of our end of life wishes.

Terri's plight opened serious discussions and debates involving closed head injury, the disabled, cerebral vascular accidents, definitions of life support, the eugenics movement, and the exposure of special interest groups such as the bioethicists.

Terri's life will never be held in vain for she has forever influenced the world view of the disabled and the importance of our responsibilities to those who are vulnerable. She has brought recognition to the life's work of physicians, nurses, researchers, and lawmakers who have made tremendous contributions in their areas of expertise.

Thank you Theresa Marie Schindler for opening our eyes to the meaning of life.

Friends who have since joined Terri in Heaven..........
All who have left the earth, but never to be forgotten.
Rest In Peace Dear Angels..........

Bishop Craig, 2006
Maura, 2006
Johnny Shestag, June 2007
Tim Wheeler, August 2007
Robert S. Schindler Jr. (Terri's father) August 2009
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Terri & Mom You will always be in my heart and life Terri..I love you....Mom
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