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sorry / Maureen C. (friend that never met )  Read >>
sorry / Maureen C. (friend that never met )

I am Close
sorry / Maureen C. (friend that never met )  Read >>
sorry / Maureen C. (friend that never met )

I Close
I know this pain  / Vistor/passerby   Read >>
I know this pain  / Vistor/passerby
Terri, mean't so much to me, i did'nt know her, only from the news, but i felt as if i did, my heart breaks for what Micheal did to Terri, I wish i could leave my name, but we are in the same kind of nightmare, only my family member killed herself, because of a husband that abused her, and her children. we are in the courts right now, and we need all the prayer we can get, God knows , who we are, please just pray, i will always keep Terri's family in my heart, and prayers, Terri so touched my heart, I will never forget her, God Bless Terri's Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister, And yes I do pray for Micheal, as well, I pray God will open his eyes, and that he will repent, for the sins he did to Terri, In Christ Love..... Close
So Sorry  / Lela Whipple (passerby)  Read >>
So Sorry  / Lela Whipple (passerby)

Words cant express how sorry I am. I dont know your family but watching everything on tv made me feel like I was part of the family. It was wrong what he did to her. Only memories live on.I'll pray for your family. I'm so sorry for your loss. 

"MY child On the day God took you I thought that I would die I wondered where the time went? I asked alot of whys?? With people all around me I felt alone inside From all their words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide, I thought I might be dreaming That I'd wake and find you here, I thought "This can't be happening." As I wiped another tear. On the day that you were laid to rest My heart broke yet again, I wondered if the pain would end, But mostly, I wondered when?? It's hard to be without you, At times the days seem long, Sometimes I just sit crying, When there's really nothing wrong. I wish we'd had more time, Before your life was done. I hope your resting peacefully, My precious child, Close
Terri:We will never let your laughter die  / Barbara Clemmons (enabled "sister" )  Read >>
Terri:We will never let your laughter die  / Barbara Clemmons (enabled "sister" )

Where is Terri?
When someone dies where do they go? The body back to the earth from whence it came with their soul filling the hallways of our heart with echoes of laughter to be resurrected when our spirit aches for their joy. Their touch found in the warmth of sunrays on our face when winter winds chill our cheeks. Their wisdom lines our path with the soft cushion of willow fall to ease our tired feet on the cobblestones of life. Their tears share our darkness. Their joy, a quiet whisper found in the wind and their legacy a gift to us all.

Much Love to your family.....thank you for your courage and sharing  of Terri to the world......I am a stronger person by being more outspoken for those who have no voice!
 Love Barbara
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Poem for Terris Family Author Unknown??  / Tambra Golightley (She touched my life! )  Read >>
Poem for Terris Family Author Unknown??  / Tambra Golightley (She touched my life! )

When I am Gone

When I am gone, release me, let me go...
I have so many things to see and do.
You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears,
Be happy that we had so many years.

I gave you my love. You can only guess
How much you gave me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you each have shown,
But now it's time I traveled on alone.

So grieve awhile for me, if grieve you must.
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
It's only for awhile that we must part.
So bless the memories that lie within your heart.

I won't be far away, for life goes on.
So if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can't see me or touch me, I'll be near.
And if you listen with your heart, you'll hear
All of my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone...
I'll greet you with a smile and a "Welcome Home."

Poem written for Terri on her 41st Birthday Give Me My World To Touch  / Cheryl Ford RN (Spiritual friend )  Read >>
Poem written for Terri on her 41st Birthday Give Me My World To Touch  / Cheryl Ford RN (Spiritual friend )

Give me my world to touch...

To see, to breath, to smell, to hear
to live, to love, to savor, to fear...
The freedom for you, is freedom for me
God shares his world so that I can see...

Give me my world to touch...

To feel, to hold, to love, to mold...
For me to have; for me to unfold...
T'is granted by God in the garden of LIFE
For equality to those called husband and wife.

Give me my world to touch...

When I was small and my world was tall...
I dreamt about LIFE, and what it meant for all
I used to dream as I would sit and play...
About the things I would do for others each day...

The candles which glow for you and for me
The moments of freedom are for all to see
I watch the flames flicker as time passes me by...
Mountains and rivers, stars high in the sky...

Give me my world to touch...

Freedom moves, freedom climbs, freedom embraces
No biases, no discrimination no predjudices for all faces
Freedom is a right, my God made it mine,
He created it for my LIFE, my world so divine...

Give me my world to touch...

Author Cheryl Ford RN

copyright 2004

God Bless you...  / Michelle Black (admirer of your strength )  Read >>
God Bless you...  / Michelle Black (admirer of your strength )
If you only knew how special you are to the world! You and my baby, Brady, who was 3 1/2 months old, became an angel on the same day! Please, look after him until I can be in Heaven with him! He was always an angel from day one! Because you both became angels on the same day~you will forever remain in my heart! I would cry for you when you were suffering with no food or water! Now, you suffer no more! You are in the best place with all of the other angels! Please give my Brady hugs and kisses from his mommy and tell him I love him!
March 18th  / Dawnmarie Balaila (fellow disabled woman )  Read >>
March 18th  / Dawnmarie Balaila (fellow disabled woman )
On March 18 I had a spinal tap that put me into the hospital after three separate ER visits. I couldn't stop crying while watching the news reports on Terri's condition on television and wanted to scream. I was confused and terrified and  felt helpless to the insensitive doctors who seemed clueless. The spinal tap came back abnormal and I eventually received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I received so many wrong dx and poor suggestions from neurologists that I know more than anyone that DOCTORS CAN BE WRONG!  The days of being able to "trust" a doctor's good judgement are gone. My heart breaks for you Terri, I imagined how you must have felt while I lay in that hospital bed barely able to get myself to the bathroom without falling down. Your loving family was so fortunate to have you in their lives and theirs in yours. God Bless you and your loving family.  Close
Bless Your Hearts  / Willow Brown (a grieving Mother )  Read >>
Bless Your Hearts  / Willow Brown (a grieving Mother )

Terri's Family
No words will heal your pain. Just know you  and Terri are cherished  in the prayers and thoughts of good people ll over the world.
I do know how your hearts have been broken. I am a grieving Mom and my daughter's ashes were stolen by her father who also tried to commit insurance fraud. I will never understand cruelty. I believe there are some things only God can forgive.
I am an RN and knew in my heart Terri was aware and felt your love and care.
Hold tight to each other.
Willow-Alana's Mom


My heart aches that Terri was forced to endure this atrocity. I ache for her family, her wonderful loving parents, her kind and loving brother & sister, all those who fought endlessly and never ever gave up. I prayed and fought fervently, hoping Terri's life would be spared.Terri made a huge impact on me, on the world....I know I will never be the same, never think the same, never take anything for granted. Terri is indelibly etched upon my heart and mind and always will be. Although I never knew her personally, Terri's impact on my life and the lives of millions was monumental. My heart aches for the Schindler family and I pray that God will bring them healing and peace.
Your spirit remains within all our hearts Terri and forever will.

From one grieving mother to another.. / Dina Liora Manieri (none)  Read >>
From one grieving mother to another.. / Dina Liora Manieri (none)
Dear All,
I clicked onto this website because of Terry's dates - we are the same age.  Since my oldest son was killed in a motorcycle accident 337 days ago, I have thought often of death.  When someone you love dies, Life is put into a new perspective. Life and Death become very much the same.
On my journey through mourning what is forever lost in this world, I have learned that all one can do is learn to live with death - it will never hurt less, feel less sad, or go away.  By reaching out to others and helping them on their journies of grief, maybe we can light the darkness and hold a conquers all, even death, and your love for Terry is always with her, always surrounding her and nourishing her.  Sometimes that can give us comfort.
I wish you an everlasting journey filled with love.  Be strong enough to feel your pain, have courage, and know you are not alone.   Close
Terri / Kim Segar (Friend of Cheryl Ford)  Read >>
Terri / Kim Segar (Friend of Cheryl Ford)
It has been some time and I have written some of my feelings to Cheryl, and I still feel all I did at the time of Terri's death, and the courts, cover-ups and all the wrong that was done to her and her family. Maybe some will forget, and some will never forget. First, I would like to say I learned to love her too , like a daughter, like I had known her forever. My prayers each day was full of hope that she would just open her eyes and tell the world what happened. That she was very aware, but we all know that would have been Michael's worst nightmare. G-d has used this tradedy for HIs Glory. I have no doubt that hundreds are now watching over their own families to make sure they have the right papers signed to keep this appalling thing from happening to them or their loved ones.For me that is a good thing, but does not excuse or will Never excuse what happened to Terri.G-d is my strength. I know that when one of His Precious ones leave this ole earth, it is present with the Lord. She is not only alive, but well, and has her new body. And like you, I have a daughter who is 44. I can asure you, especially here in America that this would have not happened to her. I told Cheryl, lets bring Terri here and hide her. I would have done that in a heart beat. When men go against G-d's law, we have the right to protect our families.I want you to know there are thousands of us who are grieving with you, walked thru this with you and found it unbelieving to think our leaders would let this be happening...there is so much evil in this world...But the good news is...Our Lord is coming to take us home. The ones who put their trust in HIm alone for salvation.It is a free gift to those who believe He did it ALL, once and for all who believe he rose again, and He tells us we don't need anyone to come for us, as we can now go to G-d, thru Jesua He is our high Priest, the way the truth and the life..and we go to him thru no one but him. He tells us that no one comes to the Father accept thru Jesus. And the good news is, He is coming to take us all very soon. Soon we all will see Terri and our loved ones on the other side of Jordan..Come quickly Lord Jesua (J'shua....Remember most of us will not forget, and will work hard for the ones left , so it cannot happen to them..Love Kim Segar Close
Remembering Terri and our Troops on Memorial Day / LaDonna Akin (Terri Fighter)  Read >>
Remembering Terri and our Troops on Memorial Day / LaDonna Akin (Terri Fighter)
Since this is Memorial Day, and we start out to enjoy our freedom that has been fought for and won by our troops, I stop to think about the many lives of Americans that was sacrificed. I think about the reasons for those sacrifices. I believe that those lives were sacrificed for the loved ones that were left behind. For their freedom. For the Government, that is supposed to protect the citizens of United States of America. I think that these Men and Woman that died for the freedom of this Country, made this precious sacrifice believing that the Government would do their part in protecting the loved ones and friends that they died to protect.
I think that we owe it to the memory of these fine people to do our best to protect the constitution. To allow the freedom that they died for. Every person has the right to life. And that means everyone. And when that right is taken away by the Government, then that makes the sacrifice in vain. We have to make sure that we don't allow sacrifices made in vain. That is why we have to select our lawmakers with caution. That is why we have to be thoughtful and prayerful in the way we vote. We can't always know when a person will be overcome by arrogance and greed. But unfortunately this happens, and when it does, then we have to do everything we can to relieve that person of the position they have been awarded. We can't allow power driven selfishness to overcome our senate or our courtrooms. These people are trusted to enforce the laws as we have voted, not as they deem just, according to their opinion.
Men and Women have died to protect the laws, the freedom to vote for laws. And the enforcement of laws. And the freedom to worship freely. I am writing to remind everyone that is why these sacrifices are made. When I see what is happening in the Government today I have to wonder if these sacrifices were made in vain
I also remember that our constitution say that we have the right to life and the right to pursue happiness. This reminds me of Terri Schindler, Schiavo. The judge in her case was also not following the laws that our loved ones died for. He judged the case knowing that there were several reasons he should not have. Conflict of interest being one of those many reasons. And he made his decisions based on hearsay evidence, with a conflict of interest. This is not what the sacrifices of our loved ones were made for. They were made to protect the weakest among us, and I believe that Terri Schindler, Schiavo was one of the weakest among us, and should have been protected by the Government that is sworn to do so. The killing of Terri Shindler, Schiavo has made those sacrifices in vain. And that is a shame. Everyone thought that it was illegal to starve and dehydrate a person to death, they thought it would not happen. The most common emotion was disbelief when they removed her tube, and more so when she passed.
Men and women die everyday so that we may live. All of us. The fact that we have breath makes us of value. It gives us the right to life and makes us eligible for protection, not execution because of a disability. The disabled people of America are being convinced that they are worthless and need to die because of their disability. That is not what my forefathers died for. This culture of death needs to be removed from society now before it takes away the compassion and love that it takes to make the sacrifices that our American troops are making. Why would anyone take a chance of losing their life, if the reasons for it are not there anymore?
All I am asking is that people remember our troops of today and yesterday. And we remember the reasons they made their sacrifice. And we need to protect the rights they died for. And we need to keep the people and the things that oppose those reasons out of our Government, out of our courtrooms and out of our Law enforcement.
We need to honor those sacrifices by getting back to basics. Teaching our children about morals and responsibility. This is why my fore fathers died, and I don't want it to be for nothing. America was not broken twenty years ago, but it is morally and Governmentally broken now. We need to get back to what was good. Lets put God back in our lives and Government, and give those that make the sacrifices of today some hope, for us and eternity.

 We cannot let Terri's death be in vain,we must make sure this never happens to another human being in America.
God have mercy on us.
May she rest in eternal peace. / Darlene Bennett (sister in Christ)  Read >>
May she rest in eternal peace. / Darlene Bennett (sister in Christ)
To the Schindler family and all who loved her, I send my deepest sympathies and all my love and prayers. All those years that your sweet Terri lay in a hospital bed were not in vain--she was teaching---teaching us all the value of life and at the end what love and compassion and faith in our Lord really meant. I prayed for her during all the dark days and I continue to pray for her soul and your wonderful family. You have endured something that most parents won't even allow themselves to think about. You did all that with dignity and grace. Your beautiful daughter is smiling as she walks through glory, strong and whole, and I know she is oh, so proud of you all. In her final days, I prayed that God's angels would protect her---I will always believe that those same angels used their wings to take her on her final journey to heaven. We all have to stand before HIM on Judgement Day and those involved in the murder of this angelic soul will be held accountable. May you one day find peace. Millions of people are praying for you. God Bless. Close
God's beautiful rose / Denise (friend by the heart)  Read >>
God's beautiful rose / Denise (friend by the heart)
Terri, you are so precious to God, beloved by Him. I am so sorry for everything you went through before finally going home on March 31. Me and my daughter prayed for you every day, our hearts still ache at what happened but are glad that now you are free. We pray God will bring justice for you and your family. Now you are free to dance, and sing, smile and laugh, and eat and drink at the table of the Lord, and play with the angels and other friends you have met there. Enjoy heaven,!!!!! P.S. From your secluded bed in that place, you managed to remain in the love of God, and taught the whole world lessons we will always remember. *Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God* To the Schindler family, you did everything you possibly could do ,and then some. Many people dream of having that loving and faithful of a family, and Terri definately knew how much you loved her. God has seen everything that happened, and will hold those who wronged your daughter to account. I have never seen anything like this in my 39 years of life, of what happened to your baby. I am so so sorry. Me and my daughter will not forget you, and pray daily for justice, and also that you will be held close to the Father's breast, to rest and lean upon Him. Know that you will see her one day-- this life will pass by quickly enough, and then eternity. Keep persevering in your faith, knowing that at the end of the race, he will give you a crown of righteousness, and then-- there you will see Terri standing there, with that beautiful smile, and open arms to hug you. May God hold you, be strong in the Lord's strength. Terri will be so proud of you one day for persevering in this life, I know you will continue to tell her story to the world. Jesus said to her "I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, though he dies, he will live. Believest thou this?" Close
You are no doubt one of God's chosen one's / Sue Spalding (Supporter)  Read >>
You are no doubt one of God's chosen one's / Sue Spalding (Supporter)
To the Schindler Family, I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling.  I did not know Terri personally, although I felt as though I did.  I feel betrayed as a human being and as an American.  I still have difficulty believing that this could happen in America.

Terri was no doubt very, very special, she drew you in, even by way of the media and it slanted coverage.  But there was something, someone in those eyes on those videos, no matter the age.  Only God's chosen one's have that special gift.

Michael will pay for this injustice, maybe not in this life, but God is a patient God and he lies in wait, it will be God's courtroom not George Greer's that will hand down justice.  God does not look kindly on the destruction of his creations.

Terri, I did't know you although I felt as though I did.  I prayed for you and wanted to scream the words for you.  Our courts were that of the three monkeys, deaf, dumb and blind.

March 31st has always been the day in which I celebrated my birth, it will now and forever be the day that I mourn the conclusion of your short life.

You are God's special angel.  Close
GOD BE WITH YOU / Feetie (none)  Read >>
GOD BE WITH YOU / Feetie (none)
Dear Schindler Family,
 I can't get Terri out of my mind and nor would I want to.I am truely heart sick at the way your beautiful daughter and sister  was treated and how she was made to suffer..

I treat my pet a thousand times better than the way Michael and his cronies treated Terri.

God bless you for your courage and the strength and loyalty to Terri you have displayed through all of these terrible years in your lives.You have shown the rest of us the true meaning of love. Close
To a special family / A. J. Sauve (Supporter)  Read >>
To a special family / A. J. Sauve (Supporter)
To Terri's family My heart goes out to you in this difficult time. I never met Terri but I feel I got to know her through all the media attention. When Terri passed on I felt a real sense of loss and asked why did this have to happen. I feel it is right to say that this special young lady is in the arms of the lord. AJ Close
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