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Thanks for showing us how to fight for righteousness... / Judy Greer   Read >>
Thanks for showing us how to fight for righteousness... / Judy Greer
Dear Mary, Bob, Bobby and Suzanne:

No one could have fought harder and with such grace to save your dear Terri.  I am ashamed what happened to her.  I was ashamed to be an American before I knew of Terri's plight due to the inhumane way we treat the unborn.  When Terri was murdered it confirmed that this country does not hold to it's own constitution in keeping Terri from her "pursuit of life."  I am brokenhearted for you all as you had to helplessly watch Terri die a painful death that we "Americans" don't even subject our animals to. 

I just ask our Heavenly Dad to comfort you with HIS comfort.  I will do so 'til I am gone too.  Much love to youall...               Judy Greer Close
Thank You, Terri / Peggy Saindon ("friend")  Read >>
Thank You, Terri / Peggy Saindon ("friend")
Dear Mr and Mrs Schindler, Bobby and Suzanne --

Thank you for your heroic struggle to save Terri's life.  Never have I witnessed such Christian persistence and dedication.  You are, each one of you, an inspiration to those who "hunger and thirst for justice".   And, God willing, you will be "satisifed"!  I trust that Terri is "with God" now and that she will no longer  have to endure the deprivations that her husband permitted - even initiated.   God have mercy .

Being a small part of the email campaign to save Terri's life taught me to pray more and for that I am very grateful.  In fact, I am indebted to her .   I will miss Terri very much although I never had the privilege of meeting her - in this life.   I pray she will be an advocate, from eternity, for the many defenseless people whose lives are in danger because they are unborn or handicapped or sick or old.

God bless you and keep you always.   Terri, pray for us.
Mrs. / Maxine Friedman (Terri Fighter & Supporter)  Read >>
Mrs. / Maxine Friedman (Terri Fighter & Supporter)
My heartfelt sorrow and prayers go out to the Schindler family -- who continue to be under heavy fire to this day -- by the demonic accomplices, groupies, and sycophants of Murdering Mike.  May the God of heaven and earth make Himself so very real to you and comfort you at this time.  

As for me, there's no way that I can just say it's all over.  I have to continue to fight on -- until those who committed this atrocity -- this torture-murder of an innocent American citizen -- are brought to justice.  Then, and only then, will there be closure. 
My Hero, Terri Schindler / Andre Derr (Spiritual Friend)  Read >>
My Hero, Terri Schindler / Andre Derr (Spiritual Friend)
I became "acquainted" with Terri through Cheryl Ford, a very close friend of mine who also is a hero of mine. She, along with thousands of other 'heros'. fought a valiant fight against the forces of evil, i.e, Felos, Greer, and M. Schiavo. I watched as Terri demonstrated a will to live and also saw the Schindler family get bitchslapped by the very system that was supposed to protect them. I am still totally appalled at the very unemotional way that this was handled by the judiciary and the media. The Schindler family is one of the most kindest, warmest,loving I have ever seen. and I pray for them after the awful treatment they received..being kept out of their daughter's room as she passed from this earth, and now this bastard M wants to bury her in an undisclosed location. How heartless can a person be? I want to send that family my best wishes and love, and also send a personal thank you to Cheryl Ford, who has taught me that there ARE people in this world who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right, no matter what the cost. She has definitely earned her own spot in Heaven, right alongside Terri and the rest of the family when the time comes. God bless them all, and God bless Terri for showing me that no matter how it looks, life is worth living! John Andre Derr Winnfield, Louisiana Close
Never Again. / Janice Caldwell (None)  Read >>
Never Again. / Janice Caldwell (None)
My heart absolutely goes out to the Schindler family.  I cannot believe that the United States of America allowed the judicial murder of Terri Schindler.  In my mind, America DIED the day that Terri died from forced starvation and dehydration.

However, I will do anything in my power to make sure this murder never happens again.

I hope the Schindler family will find peace.  I know that Terri is at Peace.  I hope Michael Schiavo, George Felos, George Greer, and the FL legislators who were too afraid to save Terri's life NEVER find peace.  May their names go down in infamy as murderers. Close
Her biggest fan / Brittany Pace (Fan)  Read >>
Her biggest fan / Brittany Pace (Fan)
Terri is my hero because of her strength. I have just recently heard about her, and respected her ever sense. I look up to her because she was a fighter. I also look up to Terri's mom. She also has inspired me to never give up. Close
Tribute To Terri / La Donna Akin (friend)  Read >>
Tribute To Terri / La Donna Akin (friend)

 "God saw she was getting tired
 When he would not let her eat
 So he put his arms around her
And whispered "come with me"

He took her to his garden
And he laid her there to rest
God's garden must be beautiful
You know he takes the best

Terri was one heck of a woman and VERY much alive...she changed the world! / MoniQue Ponte (Supporter)  Read >>
Terri was one heck of a woman and VERY much alive...she changed the world! / MoniQue Ponte (Supporter)
Jesus came to heal the sick, raise the dead, and give sight to the blind.  He cherished life and brought life.  All of our lives on earth are so very short, but a vapor; yet here we are in America putting innocent people to death. 

This is the spirit of anti-Christ, which is anti-Life and as it was written in the scriptures is full speed ahead in America.  However, we must speak out against the culture of death whether we can change it or not.

I am ashamed of my country for letting Terri Schindler be murdered; but I am very proud of the Schindler family and their spokesmen like Father Pavone, Randall Terry , David Gibbs, Brother O'Donnell, and so many more brave and courageous men and women for speaking out the truth.  And I am proud of Terri who spoke louder than anyone right from her hospice bed.  Her spirit was all over the place and she sure did get around and she affected and changed so many people's lives throughout the world, not bad for someone the state's doctor's said "wasn't living."  That state doctor never touched even a fraction of the lives Terri did.  Terri touched my life immensely.

We may not be able to change the world system, but we are held responsible by the LORD God to speak out.  God's prophets were killed by the very people He sent them to.
Felos said that Father Pavone should've just kept his mouth shut and just be a good little Christian person and only give "words of hope and peace."  Felos' statement really exposed himself as someone who doesn't know much about Jesus; and that he watches too many Hollywood movies, because the Jesus of the bible was bold, outspoken, and denounced the injustice of the Pharisees and Sadduces so hard that they had him put to death.  Jesus did not give words of peace and hope to the unjust leaders.

Jesus also said that there was no man greater than John the Baptist, John the Baptist who was put to death, his head chopped off, for denouncing very loudly the fact that Herrod married his brother's wife while his brother was still living.  No words of hope and peace for the unjust, not from Jesus, not from John the Baptist, not from God's prophets, and not from the good people in America who saw Terri's murder for what it was, murder.

The word "hell" appears 13 times in the new testament, and 11 of these times it was Jesus who spoke of hell.  Not words of hope and peace for those who blatantly disobey the laws of God.  The only promise for them is hell and I have no doubt that everyone responsible for Terri's murder will end up there. 

Terri was doing God's will up to the minute she left this earth, she really was one heck of a woman and VERY much alive. 

Terri, free now of her endless, state-ordered abuse, neglect and murder / Ron Panzer (patient advocate, friend of Terri)  Read >>
Terri, free now of her endless, state-ordered abuse, neglect and murder / Ron Panzer (patient advocate, friend of Terri)
It has been difficult to even contemplate that Terri has been murdered, taken from us and the dark ghouls who deal out death have won in this battle. After more than two and a half years of almost unending, nonstop efforts to save Terri, she has become so much a part of my own heart, that she will always be with me, her message, her fight to live will always serve as an example for all. This woman has been abused and neglected in just about every way possible or even imaginable. And the major media successfully lied about her condition consistently for years, contributing to the lack of will by government officials to even lift one finger to do that which truly would have saved her. I have been horrified that every branch of government failed her, yet every branch pretended that it was doing the "right thing" for Terri. I see Terri free now, free to inspire us, and her life's "cross" an example to teach us the lesson, not that everyone should run out and get a living will (to limit care and die sooner), but that every life is sacred, given to us by God and that we are here on Earth to care for each other, to do the very best possible to help each other. My heart has been broken over this, and I am grieving, but my tears cannot ease the pain of Terri's own family. We as a society have failed Terri, and we are continuing to fail so many others like Terri, who are snuffed out within hospice or health care settings. We must not let these killings continue! I pray that Terri's family is comforted in their terrible grief, and I pray that our nation remember what we were supposed to be all about, honoring the individual's rights to live, free of oppression, free of threat to our well-being. Close
a prayer for the family / Melanie Materson (admirer)  Read >>
a prayer for the family / Melanie Materson (admirer)
Father, I thank you for the brave family of Terri. They have taught me much about love and life and faith. Please comfort them in their grief and loss.Their fight for Terri has touched so many. They helped me (and many others) clarify my values on your gift of life. Bless them and keep them in your peace. In Jesus name amen  Close
Such a terrible injustice... / Barbara Johnston (visitor to Terri's site)  Read >>
Such a terrible injustice... / Barbara Johnston (visitor to Terri's site)
I live in south Florida (on the east coast) I had been following Terri's story for a while. I am still and will forever be heartbroken about the way Terri left this world.It was wrong.Everyone has a right to live.No one can say who should live or just isn't right. We all have "our time" here on earth and we all hope that no one else cuts that time short.Terri had a right to have her time.She shouldn't have died that way.What a horrible way to pass...I just can't even think about it.

I lost a baby girl in 2002.She was born with a fatal birth defect to her head,she wasn't expected to live very long and at one point she was sedated to stop siezures and she could not eat.They told us that sometimes that is the choice you have to make. They said since there was no chance for her to live with her defect,what she needed was the medicine to keep away the siezures and that would be best for her.But that was so hard to not be able to feed my baby.She passed at 6 days old and on her last day she was alert enough to have some milk from a little medicine dropper.It made me feel a just a little better knowing that she had something in her belly.

I can't imagine what Terri's parents must have been feeling.To know that there IS hope for your child to live but to have to watch your child starve to death and not be able to do anything about it.How can that happen!!It's just so so wrong!Terri had a life.It might not have been what some consider a great life but EVERYONE has a right to their life.Terri was executed plain and simple.

My heart breaks for this tragic loss of this beautiful human being.This is a sad sad world.

My deepest condolences to Terri and everyone who had a special place in their heart for this beautiful woman ...
Barbara Johnston
My daughter's web site Close
my child was murderd its sad , / Cheryl Blevins (i seen this on tv)  Read >>
my child was murderd its sad , / Cheryl Blevins (i seen this on tv)
hello my name,is, cheryl, from kentucky i seen this about,theresa,, on tv,, and its very sad as a parent we should be in control, my only child was shot murderd here in kentucky and i am still fighting fore justice its hard, i have a ,memorialsite on here also of my child he was 14 yearsold my only child my life is not the same, we have no justice in this world they think they can do asnything , but as a parent,i am so sorry fore her family friends,,,god bless you,, please sign , my son website,,,  thanks,,,,,                       ,cheryl,in kentucky in my son memory, larry,lee,stacey,hughes,,,, Close
God sats high and sees low / Deanya Williams (concerned soul)  Read >>
God sats high and sees low / Deanya Williams (concerned soul)
I followed this story until the bitter end, and I can't believe that Terri's husband would be so selfish to go on with his life and deprive her parents of continuing to take care of her.  He has shown the world that he never had her best interest in heart and I am angered that he was given the right to choose rather she lived or died.  If he wanted to go on with his new life and not want his conscious to beat him then he should have allowed her family to love and care for her.  I am so glad that it is not man who chooses our prime destiny, but our Lord that has the final say.  I wish every waking moment for him to be filled with the vision of Terri's last days.   I don't know any of the family but in those last days I grew to be very concerned about her well fare. I believe that justice was not in her favor and it was plain to see that she responded to the kisses and affectionate gestures given by her family.   May God bless and keep you all,.

Love a concern soul Close
Kindred Spirit / Melissa Taddeo Barclay (sister in Christ)  Read >>
Kindred Spirit / Melissa Taddeo Barclay (sister in Christ)
To the Schindler family, I am so sorry for your great loss.  Please don't lose the faith. God keep you. You will see her soon, and all the tears will be wiped away.  To Terri, I can't wait to meet you in heaven,  I feel as though I know you, I also am 41, have loved animals ever since I can remember, I wanted so to be a veterinarian, but I'm a secretary.  I have loved the music of John Denver since I was about 12.  I've been sketching animals since I was about 9 years old, I also am from Pennsylvania.  I know we could have been the best of friends and I hope we will be one day in the Kingdom of God. Love, Melissa Close
This One's for You Terri / LJ (Friend)  Read >>
This One's for You Terri / LJ (Friend)

Schindler family, I first learned about your daughter Terri on a Dateline special about four years ago. When I saw her, I thought this story could teach a lot. The thing I learned was the power of love and faith. To see a family devoted to loving and caring for their daughter was such a wonderful sight for me. In a world where many wouldn't blink and eye, I saw love and tenderness. I saw a true will to live in Terri, a true fighter's spirit. It reaffirmed my faith in God. To your family, I want to offer my heartfelt condolences at this time. I want you to know you have our prayers, our love and support. Terri, rest in peace. Schindlers, thank you for sharing Terri's story. You taught us all the importance of life.

I'm saddened / Kristin Edwards (none)  Read >>
I'm saddened / Kristin Edwards (none)
I don't really have much to say other then this has upset me for months now,and as someone with brain damage myself this has deeply affected me,,poor innocent Terri deserved much,much better then this,she didn't do anything wrong,this has brought tears to my eyes,and I will never forget Terri she's in my heart for eternity Close
Condolences, Apologies, Gratititude, a Pledge / Sue Battle-McDonald (distant, horrified observer)  Read >>
Condolences, Apologies, Gratititude, a Pledge / Sue Battle-McDonald (distant, horrified observer)

Dear Schindler and Vitadamo Families:

1.  I am so sorry for your loss, and for the extended and horrific way it played out.  No parents should ever have to endure that.  My heart has been with you for years, ever since I first learned the "rest of the story" that the regular media failed to share.

2.  I am a liberal intellectual feminist Kerry-voting Unitarian Democrat, and I want to apologize on behalf of those - almost everyone - on the political left who did nothing or worse.  I can only assume they were acting on the ignorance and misunderstanding fostered by the terribly misleading mainstream media coverage.  Dehydrating a disabled woman slowly to death is NOT a political issue; one need not be a religious conservative to see that it is inhuman and wildly immoral to treat the weakest among us in this way.

3.  I am grateful to you and to Terri for helping God to teach me things I hadn't known before about compassion, valuing all life, and avoiding the mistake of assuming that anything supported by those on the other side of the political divide must be wrong. 

4.  I stand ready to help you and anyone else see that this does not happen again.

Love to you and to Terri,


I am so sorry / Cynthia Martinez   Read >>
I am so sorry / Cynthia Martinez
Dear Schindler Family: I have received information on Terri's plight for several years due to the emails from Cheryl Ford. I became so emotionally attached to Terri and Cheryl that I felt like one of my own was going through this ordeal. I told everyone I met of Terri . Our family's emails and calls to representatives, Governors, Presidents and Bishops fell on some deaf ears but as Mr. Schindler said there is a bigger picture here and the Lord will allow the Truth to come out someday. I am so sorry that we couldn't do more. While we are left to grieve and mourn; Terri is standing before the throne of God with the Blessed Mother and the saints! I am a mother of six and Ican't imagine the pain and sadness you have felt- I knew what I am feeling and I am not family. I can say that no one could have handled this tragedy with more dignity than your family has done. I am Roman Catholic and I was never so proud to be Catholic as when Bobby and Suzanne spoke so eloquently after Terri died . May God bless them for what they said but more importantly for believing what they said. My words will never convey what my heart is feeling. Please know I have been touched by your family and Terri and Cheryl and I will pray for you all! May God Bless you for what you have endured, for your witness of Christ's love and for you goodness. Ave Maria, Cindy Martinez & family Close
Dear One / Sharon (none)  Read >>
Dear One / Sharon (none)
 Dear sweet, lovely, and unique friend,

 We tried so hard to save you. Altho we failed, you will live on in our hearts.  RIP Dear One. Know you have been loved immensely. We will continue to try to save others who are in the same situation that you have been in. You have awakened us. We will not be complacent again. We will NEVER forget what has happened to you. God bless your mom and dad and sister and brother. May God comfort them. They did their best. I don't think they will ever know how many of us Admire them. You all have many friends everywhere. Close
MY PERSONAL PRAYERS AND CONDOLENCES... / Alfred C. (Supporter)  Read >>
To: The Schlindler-Schiavo Family;

   My deepest prayers and condolences to you and your family. I am a man who have worn many hats in my years on this Great Earth, and I count my blessings.
   I have had my close calls... and understand the fine line between life and death.

   Miracles come in many ways, and to be a supporting part as well is a story I will share with you.

   On June 11th. 1985, I was sadly surprised at the passing of Karen Ann Quinlan. At the time... I was working at the time with the perminately disabled, I did this for about ten years. I was shocked to hear for the first time of Karen Ann's background. When I heard of her so-called Birth Date, I was stunned.

   Both Karen Ann and I were both born and soon after adopted in the same area and time period. Certain information was brought to my attention that Karen and I are related. It took me many years to obtain records of my original birth certificate about 2001. The only issue I have at this time, is return dialog from The Quinlan Family.

    In the past(and present)... I have had direct/in-direct connections to The White House, in which my Father-In-Law worked as a speech-writer. My personal family connections also to certain individuals are also noted. I did sent an E-mail to Jeb and The White House (George), in their effort to look deeper and prolong her life, till full legal and life understanding could be understood?

   As you know... Karen Ann's case set a "legal standard" for all these years, and now Terri's case is a challenge to that legal standard. As you know... Karen Ann's condition was far worse than Terri's, and she was given the same dignity, passing on on her own accord. I am not saying that there is any wrong or right here... but a matter of concern over life and dignity. I learned much when I worked with the severly disabled and still do. Just a day before Terri's passing, I saw a sererly disabled person being brought into the ER where I now work at times, and I looked at her thinking that I knew her... I did, from about 20years ago. I introduced myself to her parent father. Though she couldn't speak to me, was transfixed on me. When I said hello to her, he asked her did my voice sound familuar? Still transfixed on me... her eyes began to get quite misty eyed.

   I guess miracles can still happen... in spite the end results. Things will find their place in given time.

God Be With You All;

Alfred C.      Close
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