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GOD Bless you Terri, Schindler family. / Sharon (friend)  Read >>
GOD Bless you Terri, Schindler family. / Sharon (friend)

May you find comfort in knowing that Terri no longer suffers.  Life is precious, down to the last breath drawn, for as long as there is breath, there is hope.  Never give up hope, never feel that Terri's death was in vain.
She will have her robe of white and a crown brighter than any star in the sky, her smile will light up heaven as she walks with Jesus Christ. 

To the Schindler family,
The LORD is surely your strength to endured as you have.  May we all have the servant's heart that it takes in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves like you have protected Terri.  You did everything in your ability, everything you could think of.  May you have peace and the knowledge that you have done nothing wrong by standing by your child, and your sister.

I'M Sorry / Kiki (friend from afar)  Read >>
I'M Sorry / Kiki (friend from afar)
I am sorry we weren't able to save you. But know that your life was valuable. The Lord gave your life meaning for all the people who are in this postion and can't speak. Because of you, a lady in Georgia was saved from starvation. Thank your for coming into my lfie. I never was passionate about anything until You. Thank you for allowing me to grow. And rest assure that Michael will never know a day of true peace. He will always have to watch his back because of his terrible deed. And he will also answer to a higher power. Everyone reading this make sure your law makers passes a bill to protect the Terri's out there...
Peace my new friend Close
A Letter From Your Daughter by Janet Grzegorek / Janet Grzegorek (Friend from Afar)  Read >>
A Letter From Your Daughter by Janet Grzegorek / Janet Grzegorek (Friend from Afar)

I wrote this letter as if it was Terri writing to her Mom and Dad and sister and brother before she actually died. It was written only with the purest intent and truly from the heart. You touched my heart Terri Schlindler - I want your parents and family to know that while I am just one person, I fought hard, I wrote countless letters and made many phone calls. You are with God now Terri - nothing or no one can ever harm you again - but this case is far from over. As a person who truly believes in life at all stages I will always fight for what it right and just.  Thank you Terri for opening my eyes and my heart. I will miss you. Sweet Dreams Pretty Angel!


Dear Precious Terri / Dawn Kozsey (sister in Christ)  Read >>
Dear Precious Terri / Dawn Kozsey (sister in Christ)
You fought so hard to live, and like a prophet your life bears testimony that we are the apple of God's eye and have great worth. You touched the hearts of so many people and like incense before God's throne your name in prayer was lifted up by so many. You were greatly loved and many fought hard for your cause. You will always be remembered and cherished in our hearts. Close
Message from Jesus on Easter Sunday: / Gina Hubel (prayer warrior)  Read >>
Message from Jesus on Easter Sunday: / Gina Hubel (prayer warrior)
I speak now to her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, My faithful disciples and followers of your Lord. Though mistakes were made in this case, fear not for you have shown yourselves to be fearless defenders of your Savior by fighting for your daughter and her right to glorify her God by atoning for the sins of man in her afflicted, imperfect body. You saw the soul not the body as perfect and strove to preserve the gift of life given to you by your Redeemer. Know that your little girl will be safe with Me and I will bathe her wounds and heal her fractured bones by the Blood of My Sacrifice shed for mankind and the sins of this world. Pray, pray, pray for your persecutors and become not bitter by this ordeal and those who oppressed you. For by crucifying your precious daughter, they have also crucified you and your family. And whatever they do to you, the least of My brethren, they do unto Me, your Jesus. Come now and stand at the foot of the Cross with My holy Mother and My beloved Apostle John and weep with them for your loss. Hear My prayers to My Father to forgive My persecutors for they know not what they do. Say the same prayer, My sweet ones, so you may release your remorse and commend your Terri to My care. You are not alone, for a nation of believers in Sweet Jesus weeps with you and knows what this heartless execution means for the future of this country. For blind men, both physically and spiritually, are leading this once great nation and deciding issues of life and death. Is it any surprise that the judge in this case, Judge Greer, was legally blind and could not read a legal brief or a medical report? My cherished ones so dear to My heart, rise with Me today in the Resurrection of your Lord and I will give you rest. I AM your Jesus, your Risen Savior and your King. I love you, My family. Amen. Close
Safe in Jesus Arms / Shaunda Sheppard (None)  Read >>
Safe in Jesus Arms / Shaunda Sheppard (None)
Hello my name is shaunda. I'm from Natural Dam Arkansas. I heard about your daughter on the news. I am sorry for your loss. I don't know what it is like to lose a child. But my parents do. They lost my brother when he was just 20 years old. It was really hard on them and still is. Jesus helps them everyday. And it helps to know that Jesus is holding them safe in his arms and loving them. She won't be in pain anymore or be hungry anymore. She will be able to walk, talk, and all the things she couldn't do before. I know it is hard. But I will keep you in my prayers. I know God can help you through this hard time. And I know sometimes it is hard to understand things. But Remember that God is there for you and he loves you. sincerely, Shaunda Psalms 27:14 Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait I say on the Lord. Close
resting in gods arms / Carol Vance (sister in christ)  Read >>
resting in gods arms / Carol Vance (sister in christ)
she is now resting in the arms of god   im so sorry for her familey  i watch  it on tv    the whole    time it was on    i fell like i knew them my whole life Close
Finally Free / Vickie   Read >>
Finally Free / Vickie


Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free,
I'm following the path God has laid you see.
I took his hand when I heard his call.
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work or play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way
I found the peace at the close of day.
If my parting has left a void
Then fill it with remembered joys-
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss
Oh yes, these things I too will miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life's been full I savored much,
Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.
Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief
Lift up your hearts, and peace to thee-
God wanted me now, he set me free.

Author Unknown

May God Be With The Schindler Family / Sue Kolp (Sister in Christ)  Read >>
May God Be With The Schindler Family / Sue Kolp (Sister in Christ)
I want to offer my condolences to the Schindler Family. I was horrified to learn that Terri had been murdered by our Nation. This is not the Land of the Free! Terri is in the Hands of God now and no one can harm her anymore! Close
I am composing a piece for her on the classical guitar / Omar Miguel (friend in christ)  Read >>
I am composing a piece for her on the classical guitar / Omar Miguel (friend in christ)
I am so sad for terry. I wish I could go back in time to save her life and that she can live it to the fullest. She didn't deserve to die, she was meant to live a happy and fullfiling life. It hurts me more to see that she felt bad about herself, I personaly found her buetifull and caring wich is very special. that fact that she would care for animals like a child told me she is very tender at heart. My prayers go to the family as well. I am a classical guitarist here in orlando and I am composing a classical piece in honor of her.
may god give her the highest honor in heaven.
omar miguel Close
God rest her soul / George McFadden   Read >>
God rest her soul / George McFadden
To Terri's family, My heart goes out to you. God Bless you for all your efforts. I am sure that Terri is with God now. I wish our efforts had been successful and Terri was still with us, but she is happier now. I will not forget her, and will continue to write our politicians (note that I did not say "leaders") and remind them that they failed in their duty to protect the innocent. I will not forget Terri. Sincerely, George McFadden Close
to her family / Brandie Lee (Just a person)  Read >>
to her family / Brandie Lee (Just a person)
I understand why you wanted to fight im very sorry for your loss. i am only 15 but i want to be a docter to help the people that need it because of terry ............................. Again im truly sorry RIP TERRY. Close
May you rest in the arms of jesus / Debra Branning (Just someone who feels sad for her family)  Read >>
May you rest in the arms of jesus / Debra Branning (Just someone who feels sad for her family)
I just want to say I'am so sorry and my prayers are with her family and friends.Every e-mail that was sent to me from reclaiming america I sign and sent on to everyone I could.May she be in the arms of jesus and resting in peace.Intil her family and friends can meet her again GOD will take wondeful care of her.
                          GOD BLESS AND MY PRAYERS ARE FOR YOU
                                        Debbie Close
To the Schindler Family / AnnaMarie Haden (Supporter)  Read >>
To the Schindler Family / AnnaMarie Haden (Supporter)
Dear Family, you have my prayers.  God will take care of those responsible for her death.  Be comforted to know she is with God.

What a beautiful Memorial Site.  This is now Terri's Grave site where all her friends, family and supporters can come to pray and remember Terri.

AnnaMarie Haden
My deepest sympthy goes out to all of you at this horrible time / Karen Miller   Read >>
My deepest sympthy goes out to all of you at this horrible time / Karen Miller

My condolances to your family at this time.As I sat and watched what was going on in this country I couldn't beleive it. This is supposed to be a free country where this sort of thing never happens. I began to search the web to find out what I could do to help and sending letters to the president and senators seemed like so little to do.I wish I could have done more.Terri you touched my heart so deeply and I prayed every day that this would end and your family would be allowed to take you and take care of you the way you deserved. But it didn't happen the complete evil that happend to you will never leave my mind I will do all I can to help keep this from ever happening again to anyone. You may be gone from this earth but in the hearts of millions you will live on forever.
And the ones who did this terrible thing will one day have to face a judgement of their own but it won't be like the judgement here on earth I wouldn't want to be standing in their shoes on that day when the ultamite Judge. God judges them for this. The evil agaist you and your family just seems to keep going on and on by these people as a parent myself I know that if this were happening to one of my children it would tear my heart out to not be able to have a place to go and grieve and talk to you when they need to is the so awlful this man is truely evil.
I pray everyday that it comes out just what he has done. After reading all that I have found I have no doubt in my mind that you were aware and could be helped if you had the help you needed and that he did something to you to cause you to be in this state to start with.
God bless you sweet girl you will live on in our hearts forever.May you find peace.

Life... / Pagan Priestess Elizabeth   Read >>
Life... / Pagan Priestess Elizabeth
My heart has broken with you time after time over the last months. I can't even imagine what this must have been like.

My prayers will be with you who knew and loved her.

I will also pray for a change in our society.

I am not a Christian, but Jesus' teaching was a wise one - what you do for the least of these, you do also to me.

We can't discard and disdain life without discarding and disdaining the divine.

May you meet Terri whole and strong on the other side, someday, in a heaven far more beautiful than you have ever imagined.

Blessed be!

To The Schindler Family / Bonnie White   Read >>
To The Schindler Family / Bonnie White

I know you are still in shock and are fatigued and I pray you receive comfort and rest. You can know you did everything you could to save your daughter and that the times are sad when a young woman capable of smiling at her family is denied life by the American justice system which was more concerned about finding laws to deny life and finding reasons that it was not their jurisdiction then finding mercy and ruling so Terri could live. May the next elections reflect this countries choices to be for life and to contact their representatives to support judges in favor of life in memory of Terri and her wrongful death. May you find peace that you did all that you could.

My sister died the same morning as Terri... / Brenda King (Horrified onlooker)  Read >>
My sister died the same morning as Terri... / Brenda King (Horrified onlooker)
My Sister died the same morning as Terri.She has a memorial here
Tammy was in a car accident and was left in a coma for 16 weeks...that was in 88'...We took excellent care of her at home .she was diagnosed with cancer last fall and survide it until...march 31@ 9am.I am mortified by Mr. Shiavo.He needs a good horsewhipping!My sister was just like Terri.She had a trachia and was on life support as well as a j-tube and was quadriplegic for a decade and a half.The cancer killed her in the end...not her so-called right to die.Bless her family for wanting Terri to live.She is free now...but She did not die with dignity.She was starved to death by a malicious murderer.And the world watched.I am a horified onlooker....She got her wings the hard way.He won't be so luck I'll bet...Brenda Sue King Titusville Florida! Close
Mrs Tydebole / Diana Bole (None)  Read >>
Mrs Tydebole / Diana Bole (None)
Terri just know that JESUS wlll never let anything happen to you again. Your right in the Palm of his precious hands. I love you my dear SISTER> Seee you in heaven. Diana Close
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