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To The Schindler Family / Marilyn Acosta (Schindler Family Admirer)  Read >>
To The Schindler Family / Marilyn Acosta (Schindler Family Admirer)
Thinking of you today and always.  May the Mass tomorrow give you some comfort.

This is just a page I did on the the 31st and hope that you will like it.
God Kept Good Records ... For The Schindler Family.. God Bless You / Chris Wilds (Sister-In-Christ)  Read >>
God Kept Good Records ... For The Schindler Family.. God Bless You / Chris Wilds (Sister-In-Christ)
God is with Terri's Family each minute of the day
He has seen and kept Good Records Whether good or bad
They won't so easily fade away
For God Kept each Record that His Angels Recorded for Him and knows all there is to know.
Nothing will go unnoticed For it is all in God's hands God Surely knows all about it
And knows how your heart truely bleeds
But rest assured Terri's Family for Terri was healed the 13th day
For Jesus called for Terri "Come on Home My Child For Your Healing Is Today.........You're Safe Now My Child For Eternity"

Terri is so proud of Her Family
For all you did for her
She knows you gave your all
And there was nothing else you could do.
One second into Eternity All her hungry and thirst passed away
For Terri was filled with Living Waters
And Feed from the The Master Hand,
As she joined in The Master's Bouquet

She will never have to suffer pain, Or hungry,
Nor thirst ever again.
For Terri is resting with Jesus
And waiting patiencely ,
For Mom and Dad And Sissy and Brother
To come and join in Where no one can ever break you hearts
 Not Ever Again.....
                                 Chris Wilds
You Are All In My Thoughts And Prayers Forever. May God Bless and Guide Your Hearts to Comfort and Peace

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A True Angel / Sandy Schmucker   Read >>
A True Angel / Sandy Schmucker
You fought hard to stay here on earth and your family never left your side.  Those who truly loved you tried to keep you here.  My prayers are for your family that their broken hearts will mend.   You gave so much to so many and touched the lives of millions of people who never got to meet you.  Hopefully the tragic ending of your life will have opened the eyes and hearts of many people and this will never happen to another soul.  God be with you Terri.  We loved your gentle spirit and your beautiful smile.  Go with God.  You are a true Angel. Close
To Someone I Never Really Knew / Buffey Coley (Friend)  Read >>
To Someone I Never Really Knew / Buffey Coley (Friend)

I was raised in a christian home where we were taught the ten commandments.  I try to explain in the best way I can to my children as to how this could happen to a person.  The bible says to pick your mate wisely, oh the the truth to that now we know that your spouse can murder you in the worse way possible and not even the president can save you.  This family has went thru the worse pain imaginable.  I pray for you every night and I pray for understanding.  God will be the judge in this matter not now but when the time comes, he sees all and he knows. Terri helped us to see what can happen.  Terri changed the whole world without saying a word.  She will watch over us now and be forever in our hearts. 

Terri's Passion and Death / Connie (A fellow Catholic)  Read >>
Terri's Passion and Death / Connie (A fellow Catholic)
I can still hardly bear to think of what was done to your little girl, Terri.  My heart has been heavy and aching with sorrow and horror as your hideous nightmare went on and on and on...and no mercy being shown to you or Terri.   It is the same for my friends: we are heart-sick and broken-hearted for you, the parents.  We are all parents, too.  The pain was made even worse by the sickening realization that a huge number of our fellow "Catholics" actually thought it was perfectly fine to murder your little girl - all because they haven't a CLUE that there is such a thing as redemptive suffering and that life really ISN'T ours to take, NO MATTER the "quality" of that life.  Those poor, lost souls need our prayers far more than Terri ever did, I suspect.  

Terri was murdered by those, who, out of their own SELFISH, childish, unspiritual fear of personal suffering, could not face how helpless she was, because they could only see themselves lying there.  But they don't "get it", do they?  They may never understand how much Actual Grace one receives when we minister to those in need, for we are then ministering to Jesus Himself - through His little ones. 

Even my modernist, non-Catholic sister couldn't understand why you weren't allowed to care for her, when it was so painfully obvious that her "husband" cared nothing for her.  Well, we don't understand it either, Mr. and Mrs. Schindler.  We don't understand it at all.  It is too easy to call them all evil, but fearful and stupid is probably nearer the mark.

Know that we are still praying for you and your surviving children (yes, and for Terri, too) - and we will be for a long time. 

We are also praying for those utterly selfish and fearful ones who won't have a clue until their own Judgement Day arrives (possibly as forcibly as Terri's) - and may God then have JUST as much mercy on *them* as they did for Terri, unless they have repented and truly converted before then.  I fervently pray for that.  But even so...their penance may be long and agonizing.  Appropriately so.

God Bless you...and Mary keep you,
Connie Close
To The Family / Amy Childers (no relation)  Read >>
To The Family / Amy Childers (no relation)
As a mother, I am deeply sadden for Terri's family. I would not have been as stronge knowing my child or relative was being starved and dehydrated. You have shown God at his best and I know in my heart he is with all of you always. God Bless for you are in my prayers. Close
May God bless the family / Bobbie Painter (No relation)  Read >>
May God bless the family / Bobbie Painter (No relation)
Terri touched many lifes and crept into our hearts as we hear of her fight for life and no one seemed to hear it. But I as a mother heard it and I am sending my condolences to the family of Terri and hope they find peace among there loss. Close
Condolences / Pamela Stauffer (friend)  Read >>
Condolences / Pamela Stauffer (friend)
To Terri's Parents;
     My heart goes out to you all, I too know the pain of watching my child die, because the doctors decided to pull his life support.  May you know peace and know that Terri knows how hard you fought to help her.  Please know that Michael WILL pay for his crimes against Terri, if not in this life, then on judgement day, as our Lord sees the evils done to every living creature.  You will be in my heart and in my prayers forever.
                                                                                Pam Close
May you find peace / Rita Sittig   Read >>
May you find peace / Rita Sittig
To Terri's parents,
After losing my 37 year old son last July when he dissappeared from a cruise, I understand the pain you are feeling by your loss. Terri suffered such a painful death, but please know she was prayed for by more people than you can imagine. She is at peace now with no more pain. May you find some comfort in this and know Terri will be watching over you every day. As for her husband...he will have to live with his actions...and answer for them one day with the most high. Close
my sincerest sympathy / Wendy S. (no relation)  Read >>
my sincerest sympathy / Wendy S. (no relation)
I only learned of Terri through the media. She is, no doubt a beautiful light in heaven for what she has gone through. May GOD BLESS you all and comfort you in this time of extreme loss. May your memories give you strength and also knowing that you will see her in heaven one day! Close
Thank you Terri / Barb Aleman (supporter)  Read >>
Thank you Terri / Barb Aleman (supporter)
To Terri's family: I'd like to express my sorrow over Terri's death and how she died. Thank you for fighting so hard for her to live. I am the parent of 3 children, 2 of whom live in Heaven. My daughter Kayda, had a rare brain condition called Hydranencephaly. This meant she only had a brain stem. She had no cortex at all. But, like your Terri was very alert and aware of her surroundings and loved life. She too had a feeding tube. She died in 2000 at the age of 11 1/2. She has a memorial page on this site too: . Like Terri, Kayda basically starved to death, but in Kayda's case she was already clearly dying and we stopped feeding her only when he body stopped being able to process food. I kept thinking of this as I followed Terri's last days. Please know, that in fighting for Terri and her worth as a person you had a profound impact on other families who live with someone with similar needs. My hope and prayer is that through this tragedy people will learn that the value of a human being has nothing to do with what their brain looks like. Please know I continue to pray for your family. I'd like to think that Terri is now dancing with my Kayda and all the others that now live in Heaven. Thanks again for fighting for Terri. Close
In our thoughts / Diane Mike &. ^Joshua^ (None)  Read >>
In our thoughts / Diane Mike &. ^Joshua^ (None)
Our thoughts & prayers are with you all at this sad time
Love & BIG hugs
Diane Mike & ^Joshua^ Close
My condolences to the Entire Family / Andrea B. (observer from media)  Read >>
My condolences to the Entire Family / Andrea B. (observer from media)
It saddens me to see someone suffer in life. Its sadder to see Terri's loved ones argue over who should decide her fate.
I cant imagine for a minute that if Terri was fully understanding everything around her that she would have wanted to witness the war between everyone.
For Terri is not the only one that dies this way. My mother too was taken off of all support. I wasnt aware that it meant food and water until i read cause of death....malnutrition along with hashimotos encephalapathy. I lost my mom in October.  
No matter how much I hated the thought of her starving. I couldnt watch another nurse hurt her again with a needle or mishandling her tearing her skin. 
Do what is right and just grieve for Terri celebrate her life and put all the bitterness to rest too....and know that she loves her family unconditionally. 
God took her when he chose to do so and no one can appeal his decision. 
Remember Terri for her life....and learn to put your wishes in writing!  

Terri I hope for nothing but peace to you...and maybe in time your family will feel your love and live for you and for them again.

my sympathy to all.....

I am not religious but I know Terri is in heaven because they only take the best!!!!

your in my thoughts 
in memory of Marc Proulx

To the Schindler's / Samantha Mojica   Read >>
To the Schindler's / Samantha Mojica
I really didn't know Terri but I can honestly say, hearing about Terri really touched my heart. From the beggining my family and have been behind you and Terri. Close
As She Lay Dying / Lynne Raisley (an admirer)  Read >>
As She Lay Dying / Lynne Raisley (an admirer)
                                 AS SHE LAY DYING
                  As she lay dying, He took her in His arms.
                  He told her that she was loved and and was His
                  As she lay dying, He gently stroked her head.
                  He told her that she was worth more than all the
                  finest gold.
                  As she lay dying, He looked at those nearby.
                  He told them that what they did to her, they did it
                  unto Him.
                  As she lay dying, He gave her one last drink.
                  He looked once again at those who would not
                  even give her aid.
                  With great sorrow, He told them that He never knew
                  them. Close
Her passing / Diane Myers (concerned person)  Read >>
Her passing / Diane Myers (concerned person)
I believe the Pope passing went as quickly as it did so he could take care of Theresa. May God bless and keep her. Diane Close
To the Schindlers / Tracy Russell (Friend)  Read >>
To the Schindlers / Tracy Russell (Friend)
Thank you for sharing Terri with us. She is loved and missed by many. I am sorry for your loss. I have found peace in believing that Terri will be walking hand in hand through the gates of heaven, with the beloved Pope John Paul II.

Hugs to you all. I will be holding her family up in prayer. Close
May our Heavenly Father keep you safe and secure in His loving arms. / Russell Halstead (Friend in Christ)  Read >>
May our Heavenly Father keep you safe and secure in His loving arms. / Russell Halstead (Friend in Christ)
Terri, I didn't know you but I know your suffering. I couldn't do much in your life but pray for you and I know now that you are at peace in the House of the Lord forever. I just hope I have the will to fight for life as hard as you did when my time is near.  You will never be forgotten. Your life and your suffering has lit a spark that will help millions of people and rest assured that your life was not in vain. You will in time accomplish a lot.
God bless you Terri and may He  hold you close in his loving arms.
Your brother in Christ
Russell Close
A Promise to Terri and her Family... / Diana McGuffie (Sister in Christ)  Read >>
A Promise to Terri and her Family... / Diana McGuffie (Sister in Christ)
That Terri's death and her family's grief will  not have been in vain...

Terri will become the poster child for a new revolution and her name will be shouted across this land by those patriots who will stand in the gap for truth, justice and the American way.

"Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before."

God Bless / Kaley Rhodes (none)  Read >>
God Bless / Kaley Rhodes (none)
may god bless everyone in your time of need. Close
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