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Terri was an angel on earth...a test for sadly we failed! / Brenda Ball (Friend, although we never met)  Read >>
Terri was an angel on earth...a test for sadly we failed! / Brenda Ball (Friend, although we never met)
To the beautiful Schindler family, my own family sends the most heartfelt condolences.  May God lift you up and grant you the peace you so lovingly deserve.  Our family's prayers are with you now and always as you try to reconcile this senseless death of your beloved daughter.

Know that we have a group working together in Terri's behalf to try to assure that her life will not have been lived in vain.  We are doing everythig possible to make sure that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.  She was a beautiful example of virtue and a world so full of heartache and hardship, and she will not be forgotten. Terri's legacy will live on, and we as her supporters will not stop the fight to make sure she is honored -- for she has become a "beacon of light" to many Americans.

May the Schiavo family fathom the love, support, and sympathy we all feel for them...we, too, have lost a dear friend in Terri.  She is OUR HERO, and we have been priviliged to have gotten to know her in a very special way.  God welcomed an angel home when Terri passed, and we who are without her...though we grieve, rest peacefully in knowing that she is no longer in pain.

With loving regards,
Brenda, Butch and Ethan Ball
Castlewood, Virginia 24224   Close
My deepest sympathy / Robin Love   Read >>
My deepest sympathy / Robin Love
To the Schindler family-
   I am so sorry for your loss...I lost my Dad to starvation (against his will)  in a hospice.  Over the past 3 years I felt like your daughter/sister was my friend and I was so hoping that you would not have to go through  the pain and frustration that goes along with this senseless killing.  I'm not sure what happens when a loved one is taken from us, but I'd like to believe that terri is smiling down on you now and knows just how much you loved her...and her smile shows how much she loved you.

condolences / John And Maria Martinez (friend)  Read >>
condolences / John And Maria Martinez (friend)
We offer our deepest condolences to the Schindler family and all those who valiantly fought on her behalf. Far away in Texas, all we could do was pray and email in horror and disbelief as this tragedy unfolded. Terri's life has touched ours in a deep and incredible way. I know that her tremendous sacrifice and suffering has meaning for us all. She is truly free now, taking her place among the saints in heaven. All our prayers and love.... Close
My condolences to the Schindler family / Audrey Z.   Read >>
My condolences to the Schindler family / Audrey Z.
To Bob, Mary, Suzanne and her husband, and Bobby, My heart felt condolences to you as a family on the loss of Terri. Many of us share your grief, and know that she will always be a special person in our hearts along with yours. She touched me in ways very few ever could- her courage and strength to live was astounding. More astounding was how her family tried and tried, with all their might, to fight for her right to live, and got no where fast with a very corrupt judicial system in the state of Florida. May God keep you all in his hands and carry you through this hard time in your life. He sees all, and will avenge her murderers. Much love and Respect, Audrey Z of NH Close
Love for Terri &family! / Suzanne Beck (Supporter&Sister inChrist)  Read >>
Love for Terri &family! / Suzanne Beck (Supporter&Sister inChrist)
My love & prayers for you and to you all! May our Lord wrap each of you in His loving arms and hold you close. May His Presence and deep comfort be so real to you day by day. I continue to stand w\ you. Close
The Schindlers... / Jill (Sister in Christ)  Read >>
The Schindlers... / Jill (Sister in Christ)
Mr. and Mrs. Schindler,
You have taught me so much about being a parent.  I am touched and strengthened by your devotion to your daughter.  I'll never forget Terri, you have so much to be proud of. Close
WE LOVE YOU, TERRI / Janice Herberger (Sister in heart)  Read >>
WE LOVE YOU, TERRI / Janice Herberger (Sister in heart)
Mr. and Mrs. Schindler, Suzanne and Bobby,

You have shown a strength and grace beyond belief.  You are incredible people.  I have prayed so hard and cried so much for Terri and for all of you the last months.  She was so blessed to have the love of a family like you.  You have all shown us the power of faith and love.  May God be with you and give you the strength and the peace you so deserve. She's not gone, she's just away.

I cannot say all I would like, so I will just say that God sees, and God knows.

We will remember Terri always - she has taught us much about love, compassion, understanding and humanity. 

We love Terri, and we love all of you.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you, now and always.


Jan and Bob Herberger Close
Theresa, the beautiful angel who rests in the arms of the Lord. / Deborah Moore (Sister in spirit as we all are Gods children.)  Read >>
Theresa, the beautiful angel who rests in the arms of the Lord. / Deborah Moore (Sister in spirit as we all are Gods children.)
 My heart is heavy, and my tears continue to fall for a woman who I never knew, only in spirit, but I know she was a beautiful person inside and out, and she has changed my life forever. Her spirit  walked with the almighty God, and now she has taken her place on his right side as one of his angels. She no longer has to suffer life on earth any longer. I can imagine her up in heaven kissing the little ones, and comforting them. We miss you Theresa, but we know God loved and needed you more. Your parents and your family, put up a valiant struggle but the forces of evil unfortunately took over but one day, what happened to you will come to light, and God is a mighty force to be reckoned with.  May God love you, and forever take care of you. We all love you. Close
My deep condolences to the Schindler family / Horst Rosenke   Read >>
My deep condolences to the Schindler family / Horst Rosenke
I followed the events of Terri Schiavo for the last several months, and the way all this was handled saddened me. We live in a time where love for Humanity is deteriating fast.

I wish to convey my condolences, especially to Mr. and Mrs Schindler who have endured this act of barberism against Terri. God will judge these people who were responsible for Terri's death on Judgement Day when he returns, soon I believe.

In 1945 at the end of WW II my family became refugees fleeing Poland because the minorety, the German people were hated. Towards the end of 1945 I became sick with Typhus and almost died. The oldest brother, the first born of my parents got sick with Typhus too, and died. My father was a prisoner of war in England when he received the news the that his first born son died. I know that God gave me my life back because I know that I went to heaven, but was told to go back. At age 5 I had an out-of-body experience where I saw my body lying in bed, and than going upwards to heaven toward a very bright light. This was in my subconcious mind until the early 1980's when I saw a program about this phonemanum on TV.

I wanted to share this with you in the hope that my story may comfort you and your family in this hour of grief.

I live in Abbotsford, BC, Canada and Terri's cruel death has saddened me a great deal.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences of Terri's death. The positive aspect of her death, is knowing that she is with God in heaven.

Respectively yours,

Horst Rosenke

Family in Prayers / Elizabeth   Read >>
Family in Prayers / Elizabeth
I just wanted to convey my prayers and love to both Terri and her whole family. God will indeed use this horrible murder of an innocent woman to show how precious life at all stages is. I know she's in Heaven, and I pray all of her family and friends will be strengthened by knowing Terri is in the Father's arms, and that her life will make a lasting impact on our nation and the world.

God bless,
Elizabeth Close
Theresa / Kathleen Panter (None)  Read >>
Theresa / Kathleen Panter (None)
God Bless you Terri you was so strong and we all prayed for you.  Your life had great meaning on this earth and you are now with our awesome God. 

To Terri's family, thank you for sharing Terri's last days with all of us.  God Bless you all.  She is in a better place.

Prayers of Support / Annie Gosstray (Australian Catholic)  Read >>
Prayers of Support / Annie Gosstray (Australian Catholic)
To Terri Family, I wish you my condolences and support of my prayers in this time of great sorrow for you all. I pray that Terri death will be the turn around and that our world will become a Culture of Live., and this will only happen with good people offering their lives in union with the suffering of Chirst to obtain the graces needed for this to happen. I am sure that the Lord will use Terri's suffering to obtain this. Your forgivness in all of this as a family has been an inspiration of how we are to live the gosel of Jesus Chirst. God love and blessing you all. Annie Close
You Are Free, Terry, Free At Last! / Barbara Field (Friend)  Read >>
You Are Free, Terry, Free At Last! / Barbara Field (Friend)
Terry, you are finally free!  Let your spirit soar as the eagle into the deep blue of the sky!  You are finally home and at peace with the universe. Close
Prayers / Vicki Moertl   Read >>
Prayers / Vicki Moertl
Know that all of her friends and family have my prayers and deepest sympathy love Vicki Close
condolences / Diane Cox (none)  Read >>
condolences / Diane Cox (none)
To the family of Terri,
My heartfelt sympathy at the loss of your precious daughter. No words can express what you and family are going through but you stood your course and with your love, she knew she was loved.
With deepest sympathy and may God bless you,
Who? / Sam Smith   Read >>
Who? / Sam Smith
Who is Teresa Schindler? Close

Dearest Terri, you are an angel, now reposing in the Lords peaceful kingdom - Your life and your suffering will serve as an inspiration to millions of people and your smile will forever live in our minds and in our hearts Rest in peace, sweet friend!! 

To The Loving Family OF Terri / Irvin Starr (Supporter)  Read >>
To The Loving Family OF Terri / Irvin Starr (Supporter)
I am in awe of your loving devotion and sad about the horrible experience that you and Terri had been put through. I am so sorry and ashamed about what has happened to Terri. But, the matter is not closed. This experience has opened my eyes about what is happening to our country. I never would have believed that I would be so moved that I would send emails to Florida/US senators, judges, and congress. I even called the President's Office and left a message. Terri's passing will have a profound affect upon this country's supporters and non-supporters. Although everyone will eventually leave this earth, Terri's passing has very special meaning and it will not be forgotten. May GOD Bless you and Terri, and provide the comfort you all deserve. May Terri's supporters also receive GOD's comfort. Close
Found this posted elsewhere....what a revelation. So this is how they denied her life. / Bob Redoux (R we all not brothers?)  Read >>
Found this posted elsewhere....what a revelation. So this is how they denied her life. / Bob Redoux (R we all not brothers?)

I urge all those who fought for Terri to not let her passing be in vain. Many of you blame Michel Schiavo and I can understand your feelings, but there is much more to this story than Michael Schiavo; Terri has helped to uncover something many people in power would wish to keep quiet—your true power and the right to keep government separate from you. In an amazing feat, it took a helpless individual to help many of you see a powerful adversary that has kept you in chains for a very long time. God works through many different messengers; I urge you to see his message as Terri’s situation has permitted.

 So effective is the propaganda this adversary has wrought upon you that you will forgive them and blame only Michael. I remind you that you’re ALL victims of the Stockholm Syndrome. This is as powerful as any drug addiction and we all know that in cases of addiction, the victim doesn’t even see himself as having a problem until he distances-himself from the problem. In other words, only when he gets un-addicted can he even recognize that the problem exists! And what do addicts do? Why they defend the enslaver and push blame elsewhere. This happened in Stockholm after a mere 6 days. Only those that enslave will tell you that you live in the free-est society on earth; they know the way to keep people in chains is to actually tell them they are free—to pay them.

 There is a particularly telling biblical quote from Hosea and it goes:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children”. Hosea 4:6


What knowledge of self-evident truths are you ignoring, that Terri has permitted you to see? Are not self-evident truths and inalienable rights the very epitome of the law of God? What knowledge presented to your grandparents did they reject that has wrecked this havoc on you?

 Many say Michael is evil. I cannot speak for Michael as I don’t know him personally. I decline to accuse unless I know all the facts I can personally verify to some level of satisfaction. If he is evil, the fact is you see his evil because you are not an addict to his evil. In other words, it is your distance from him that permits you to see him for what he is or isn’t. But I assure you that Michael’s evil—if that is the case--is a mere “drop in the bucket” compared to an evil that has plagued your family for generations. You did not recognize this evil because most of you abide by the golden rule of the common law and cause little harm to your fellow man; as such, you rarely encounter the other evil Terri did. Yet, because the plague that hit Terri is so shocking to most of you and goes-against your fundamental precepts, you were permitted to see this evil in its unhidden form. Yet many will still deny or apologize for this evil considering it the necessity of your enslavement. Just like the battered-woman who defends her assaulter and forgives his actions to her death, so you too will forgive those that deny you liberty and freedom under the disguise of security and protection.

 But what form of protection and security exists when you trade liberty and freedom for them? How did this trade of her “consent” to a Legislative hearing, masquerading as Judicial, protect Terri? It didn’t. It denied her the actual primary purpose for government—protection of rights. A long time ago our grandparents refused to see evil for what it was because they too were lulled into complacence. When our common law courts were “replaced” with presiding officers of the same branch that makes law (Legislative), the evil of slavery was permitted to raise its head again. But this time, we don’t have private ownership of people as that was made illegal; but we do have government ownership! These Legislative branch presiding officers have built quite quietly and through the years such as wall of court opinions that anyone dragged before their “social agenda” is sure to loose. Your turn is awaiting—whether it be social agenda or refusal to render unto a Ceasar (Note: This “Ceasar the Usurper” is repugnant to the foundation of our Constitution; hence no claim of allegiance to this form of government is granted in religion).


True to the Stockholm Syndrome many of you will forgive this adversary. You do so in particular when they grant tokens of mercy and justice. Even more-so for the people that felt “meaningful life” doesn’t include feeding tubes, and on that “nuisance to society basis”, they felt it was their duty to Terri to endorse elimination of Terri—somehow for Terri’s behalf. What they forget is the common law right of an inalienable right to life. This very same principle--that they would vocally yell if they were deprived--is the very one they used to deny Terri. True to form, the hypocrisy of “mob-acracy” rules when we have a democracy replacement for the ordained republic. In fact I am amazed at the number of people in the freedom movement who view nothing wrong with the presiding officer’s decisions—true to form these very same people, who would proclaim their own rights very vocally, actually endorse deprivation of another’s rights when the agenda agrees with their own. The whole point in this matter is a right to life has no qualifiers or quantifiers associated with it (other than the wishes of the subject-matter-person). I include in those qualifiers such “buts” as: (1) Well, she was on a feeding tube. (2) Well, she had no chance of recovery. (3) Well she had no meaningful life, (4) Well, I wouldn’t want to live as she did, (5) Well she gave up her rights voluntarily. (as if we have a new meaning for inalienable) (6) Well, someone has to care for her and that’s a burden on society. (As if a right to life obligates them or others to her care in some way.)


Can you see that if you qualify or quantify for another the simple truth of a “right to life” that you cease to be able to prevent others from quantifying or qualifying those same terms for you? Can you not see that your silence on these matters (and those of your grandparents) has permitted an evil to arise permitting government to qualify or quantify the simple truth of an inalienable right to life? What other aspects of your life has this evil attempted to quantify or qualify? I can name a few: (a) a right to travel, (b) a right to a fair trial (not a Legislative forum) (c) the right of property (d) the right not to be a 45% tax slave  (e) education (f) the mark-of-the beast [aka social security number].  It is a ridiculous notion that your creation can do anything to the sovereign creator, you—unless the “you consents” [i.e. you are free as of the Declaration to voluntarily consent to be governed…or not) .

Terri Schindler - America's Downfall and the Devil's delight / Jani Allan (none)  Read >>
Terri Schindler - America's Downfall and the Devil's delight / Jani Allan (none)
I am a British journalist and have written about Terri under the title - Terri - America's downfall and the Devil's delight. I have watched the suffering born so valiantly by the Schindler family and pray for you without ceasing. Terri was a sacrificial lamb and her death was akin to a modern crucifixion. There are a handful who will not rest until the truth is known about her murder. As America watched her murder it slid from civilization to barbarism. I pray for you and cover you with the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Lord is close to the broken hearted. In Christ, Jani Allan Close
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