Theresa Schindler
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Her legacy
Theresa Marie Schindler  
Terri has touched the lives of millions of people throughout the entire world.  For a woman who was unable to speak or permitted to appear publicly for more than a third of her short life, she had the most profound effect on people all over the world. She has opened the eyes of the world bringing awareness to the importance of our end of life wishes.

Terri's plight opened serious discussions and debates involving closed head injury, the disabled, cerebral vascular accidents, definitions of life support, the eugenics movement, and the exposure of special interest groups such as the bioethicists.

Terri's life will never be held in vain for she has forever influenced the world view of the disabled and the importance of our responsibilities to those who are vulnerable. She has brought recognition to the life's work of physicians, nurses, researchers, and lawmakers who have made tremendous contributions in their areas of expertise.

Thank you Theresa Marie Schindler for opening our eyes to the meaning of life.

Friends who have since joined Terri in Heaven..........
All who have left the earth, but never to be forgotten.
Rest In Peace Dear Angels..........

Bishop Craig, 2006
Maura, 2006
Johnny Shestag, June 2007
Tim Wheeler, August 2007
Robert S. Schindler Jr. (Terri's father) August 2009
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